I have a problem.

I spend a lot  of time analyzing life. No, not the things that’s happening around me, but the basis of how human behaves.

Ego, pride, greed, lust, sex, etc. our primitive animal instincts are behind it all, it suddenly came clean that everything we do are sourced from the basis of survival instincts from deep in the ancestral genes.

Thus all these are not needed now due to civilisation, thus it has became “sins” in the principles of most religions.

Then I plunge into meditation, minimalism, asceticism, simple living, no poo attempts to become the simplest human life form.

Eliminating these seems to make life simpler, easier and happier. But it also suddenly turns life into a boring feed, shit and sleep cycle, without the excitement of grabbing and wanting more from one another.

It does feel more peaceful and calmer. It’s good.

But if you further analyse the current life after the initial elimination of “sins”and try finding meaning in it, you’ll come down to a final conclusion that the main purpose of life is only to stay alive and reproduce to keep the population going.

With more than 7 billion human population, as of year 2014, global food supply problem and people dying of poverty and hunger all over the world, reproduction is logically not an urgency.

Thus as an existing human, the only thing to do now is to stay alive. Eat, sleep and live.

As an intelligent animal like me and you, the final purpose seems like a bore.

But as dying is not an option, we only can live.

I remember the days in biology lab observing cultured bacteria. I wonder how the bacteria can makes wriggling looks like such a sport.


The world holds separate scenes when viewed under different lens.

Like holding assorted filters under the same white light, you’ll see the spectrum based on your choice of colored lens.

Smile, and the world smiles back. View life with grudge, and the world turns against you.

The world is neutral, paint it with your attitude.

Why can’t she can see it. Stop blaming everything else for everything!!


As much as I have revealed through what I’ve shared, my values and view points of the world in whole, the minimalist in me should have shone through multiple times.


Years of stumbling and falling on my face searching for the true meaning of happiness, it came in the form of nothingness.

Nothing can bring a person happiness, nothing can take it away.

Happiness came in through inner calm, a basal simplicity of the soul. 

So I lived it.


I live without a tv, dvd player, radio, mobile data plan, microwave, oven, shower in cold water, take public transport, buy cheap food, no couch, no bed (I sleep on a futon on the floor) there’s no furniture in my bedroom, drink tap water and bring a bottle wherever I go.

I’ll walk if the location is within 3.5km.

I enjoy watch trees dancing the the breeze, sniffing the rainy smell in the air, listening to thunder and raffling leaves, petting my pets and catching up with friends and family.

Embrace simplicity.


LIFE takes us unwillingly from places to places and unconsciously from choices to choices. Like endless tests, pending where we land.

Strangers sneaking into each other’s live, falls in love and drifts apart.
Some struggled and fought till feelings died.
Some waited for paths to reunite.

None of us knows what happens next.

How nice if we can flip to the last few pages of our lives to see if we are making the right choices?  If thing can be easier.


Meaning of Life


Life is quite simple.

The universal purpose of life is survival and staying alive for as long as possible.

In the aspect of humans, to stay alive requires adequate food, water, air and shelter.

Air is free,

To get food, water and shelter, you need money.

You don’t need lots of food to stay alive.

Many people forget work is only to get money to buy food and shelter.

Anything else are just delusions.

Vicious Life


Everyone i see is caught up in a vicious cycle of wanting more, getting it and gradually lose the satisfaction.

Life is an impermanant illusion.

Everything is borrowed and to be return to nature when time comes.

Even our own body.

What else can you bring beyond death?


Food Chain


Food Chain of Meat Eaters:

Plant>> Cow>> You

Food Chain of  Vegetarian:

Plant>> Me

Other Possiblity:

Plant>> Cow>> Tiger>> Tiger Dies>> Tiger Decompose>> Nutrients>> Vegetables>> Me

I choose. Therefore I am.