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Sleep was wonderful these few days, managed to doze off immediately as i lay down in bed and the next moment i open my eyes, it’s already morning, it’s as if i was tranqulized. I woke up with a well rested mind. Maybe i was just too tired. Recently this body tire so easily that […]



Felt a strange sense of peace today as i was walking away from my work place, the peace felt is probably something like what the soul feels when they dies. Awareness was felt in all the senses, hear, feel, taste, smell and sight, i felt like buddha. Enlightenment, awareness and a jumble of knowledge started making […]

Emerging Virgin


Wandering is my favourite past time, through streets and alleys without an aim. Undecisively on where I might go, the legs brings me around, in strange or familiar streets, watching inquisitively. I do not fear crowds, but do tend to avoid people, taking detours from crowded places, I have never felt I’m ever part of them, like I’m born isolated from […]