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Another gloomy sunday afternoon after where i sit at home and sulk at the arrival of monday. It’s a universal mistake  and a godly sin of whoever guilty, packed only 24 hours into a sunday, week days should be 20 hours, Saturdays 40hours and Sundays should be 80 hours.  I totally makes sense. Aye aye from those who agrees. Advertisements


I was looking for a movie to watch recently, went through trailers and got sick of the common trends in recent movies. What’s with the need of having steamy or mini sex scene in all movies? There was once when I finally got to watch Kangaroo Jack on TV cos I missed the movie on the […]

Mid- Autumn


The long awaited mid-autumn festival came today. I had been raving through stalls of fancy lantern for days, had the urge to buy one but worry that a use for it may never arise. Today I played with Lantern!!! The Old fashion candle lit type!! It so remind me of the times when me and my […]


After my evening shift, I closed up and exited my workplace with a growling empty stomach. As usual, i walk alone prowling for food, letting instinct take the lead.  Then, I came to this stall where two aunties sells veggie/meat rice, a place where I had uncountable visits although it’s neither along my way home, nor super delicious, in fact […]