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Beautiful grey sunnday afternoon with a tinge of drizzle in the air, in the cozy of my bedroom with a cup of warm tea. Lovely. These are the moments we live for i guess, it make the buzzs of daily rush worthwhile. Christmas lights this year is always different, the Christmas tree in front of […]


Life is filled with choices, the story twist and turns along with choices made by individuals. I have a habit of reminiscing, to see details in the past like watching a movie, I would always ask myself what would I be now if at the fateful moment I had made another choice or if i […]


When I crossed the road today, I wished that the first car, preferably a truck, to speed by could knock the life out of me. It wouldn’t be suicide then, and I wouldn’t go to hell. Or then I’ll drink concious away, liquer will send me straight to twilight or perhaps erase the filth of […]



What’s better than the feeling of a cool friday night, walking out of the library cafe with a dose of cold ice-blended cookies and cream coffee under the mysterous cloudy red sky? The deep vanilla fragrance rose with the heat of the wrist to intoxicate me whenever I bring the straw to my lip for […]

Cats Beloved


We share the same neighbourhoods, they are quiet, gentle, polite and never ever bother us. They silently endure cold nights, hunger and rainy days outdoors while we cosy up in the safety of our homes. How awful would it feel for them to be sick? No care, no medication, no food, no shelter, no fresh water. Please be nice to them. If […]