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I don’t really cook although I self-confess that I can be quite good at cooking if I am to do it, I’m creative in flavouring and I enjoy watching the content in the pan/pot sizzle to yumminess. (You! stop laughing!) However I don’t cook because of the thought of having to organise the meal and […]

Yesterday I ate a Kiwi, The best Kiwi I had, considering the bad experiences that I had with Kiwi, the green type. Loves the yellow ones. Scenarios: Witness A Comments:”Oh , What a healthy fruit you have there, rich in Vitamin C.” Witness B Narrates: “The wide eyed bird stared at me and blinked as […]


Moving through the dusty desert air with 4 other companions, we could sense that a storm is coming. The surrounding buildings of the abandoned town are half engulfed by the desert sand. A gigantic empty castle rose ahead of us as we moved. Dream, it started in an abandoned city with a big mansion in […]


I found Soy Otah & Konnyaku Jelly(no Gelatin)! It’s driving my brother crazy! It rain before sunset, I’m going outside to see if there’s any rainbow.


It still feels good. I’m still not eating meat and definitely a much happier and energetic(friends said so) person. After the first week although there was some cravings of the old food interest, it was nothing. I started to cut down on eggs but decided to take milk products only when it comes to ice-cream […]

Recently just took the first step to fulfill one of my personal commitment with myself. I turned vegetarian. I can finally look at cute animal pics and love them without the feeling of guilt and shame. Mind you, this is not a sudden implusive decision but an option which have been haunting my soul for […]