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I felt lonely, I had to talk to someone, so I found someone to talk to. When I had someone to talk with me, I wanted to be silence and alone, then we said goodbye and I became alone again. Almost immediately I feel extreme loneliness again, so I called someone to talk to, after […]


“Everyday is a good day, but same days happens to be better. Everyday you have a choice, a choice to be happy or not.” Thanks for the inspiration. I’ll always live by it.

Think Mother Earth as a living organism. Every living thing on it plays a part, like it’s cells, each of them exist only in a part-per-million period of time comparing to it’s whole lifetime. The food chain life cycles is the life cycle of it’s own cells renewal. It evolvolution is the aging process of […]

Ahhh… Fish is to sea water is to cup clouds is to sky eyeball is to eye-socket shit is to toilet bowl Me is to bed spot the similiarities


I have fetishes unknown to others. For instance, no one knew how much I love the shadow of a tree, the beautiful twists of the branches and the leaved powdered at the tips, casted against the background of a dimly lit sky- the darkening evening sky and the lit dark red sky. It always give […]


Today I went around to look for a loose powder for face, I had recently became more picky as I tend to go for organic products. Like I will research on it through the web for the ingredients and products before I really go look at the real thing, I’m a born stalker, I do […]