Who have the right?


Think Mother Earth as a living organism.

Every living thing on it plays a part, like it’s cells, each of them exist only in a part-per-million period of time comparing to it’s whole lifetime. The food chain life cycles is the life cycle of it’s own cells renewal. It evolvolution is the aging process of all living organism. Volcano eruptions, earthquakes and magma movement is the fluids and life that pulsates in her. Weather are her moods, winds soar with her excitement, thunder and lightning roars with her anger, snow storms sweeps though with sadness. Trees gave her life. She lived in that way for billions of years.

Then, evolution bring her a disease. A race of cancerous life-form that evolved out of control, they multiply incontrollably, they create immunity, they eats up other organism in huge numbers, they suck the nutrients out of the mother in great amount, the produce un-natural wastes and toxic that started to harm and form threat to other cells in mother earth. They even started to change the surface of the mother, they burn and cut trees that gave life and cover her with a surface of un-natural hard grey substance. They started to thrive in the grey substance and it expanded and expanded and multiplied and multiplied. Despite of her immune system’s attempt to destroy the virus with earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunami and volcanic eruptions, the virus still survived. They get more resistant through time.

Soon, the food and nutrients in the host was drying. The toxic and wastes started to poison themselves. Some started to repend, some looked for other hosts and some tried to persuade the rest to turn things around yet the future are still at stalk. Will the virus still remain a virus in the end? or will the host soon be too weak for them to live in?

What that took billions of years to create, will it take just thousands of years to destroy? In whose hands does the future lies?


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