As much as I have revealed through what I’ve shared, my values and view points of the world in whole, the minimalist in me should have shone through multiple times.


Years of stumbling and falling on my face searching for the true meaning of happiness, it came in the form of nothingness.

Nothing can bring a person happiness, nothing can take it away.

Happiness came in through inner calm, a basal simplicity of the soul. 

So I lived it.


I live without a tv, dvd player, radio, mobile data plan, microwave, oven, shower in cold water, take public transport, buy cheap food, no couch, no bed (I sleep on a futon on the floor) there’s no furniture in my bedroom, drink tap water and bring a bottle wherever I go.

I’ll walk if the location is within 3.5km.

I enjoy watch trees dancing the the breeze, sniffing the rainy smell in the air, listening to thunder and raffling leaves, petting my pets and catching up with friends and family.

Embrace simplicity.


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