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I have a problem. I spend a lot  of time analyzing life. No, not the things that’s happening around me, but the basis of how human behaves. Ego, pride, greed, lust, sex, etc. our primitive animal instincts are behind it all, it suddenly came clean that everything we do are sourced from the basis of survival instincts […]

The world holds separate scenes when viewed under different lens. Like holding assorted filters under the same white light, you’ll see the spectrum based on your choice of colored lens. Smile, and the world smiles back. View life with grudge, and the world turns against you. The world is neutral, paint it with your attitude. […]


As much as I have revealed through what I’ve shared, my values and view points of the world in whole, the minimalist in me should have shone through multiple times.   Years of stumbling and falling on my face searching for the true meaning of happiness, it came in the form of nothingness. Nothing can […]


LIFE takes us unwillingly from places to places and unconsciously from choices to choices. Like endless tests, pending where we land. Strangers sneaking into each other’s live, falls in love and drifts apart. Some struggled and fought till feelings died. Some waited for paths to reunite. None of us knows what happens next. How nice […]

Meaning of Life


Life is quite simple. The universal purpose of life is survival and staying alive for as long as possible. In the aspect of humans, to stay alive requires adequate food, water, air and shelter. Air is free, To get food, water and shelter, you need money. You don’t need lots of food to stay alive. Many […]

Vicious Life


Everyone i see is caught up in a vicious cycle of wanting more, getting it and gradually lose the satisfaction. Life is an impermanant illusion. Everything is borrowed and to be return to nature when time comes. Even our own body. What else can you bring beyond death?  

Food Chain


Food Chain of Meat Eaters: Plant>> Cow>> You Food Chain of  Vegetarian: Plant>> Me Other Possiblity: Plant>> Cow>> Tiger>> Tiger Dies>> Tiger Decompose>> Nutrients>> Vegetables>> Me I choose. Therefore I am.